Annwn V1.2 Released

Annwn is now on to V1.2 - this is a minor version update focused on gameplay/quality of life improvements and bug fixes.  This build is significantly more polished!
Change log:

  • Added tile magnetisation to help lock cursor to the correct tile (can be adjusted in Options)
  • Moved energy bar to the bottom where it's easier to see (can be reversed in Options)
  • Fixed 1-frame cursor lag, cursor is now rock solid
  • Fixed game over happening while mid-leap to escape
  • Disabled submerged totems so you can't leap to instant death
  • Fixed bug where particles would flow to/from the wrong target
  • Fixed incorrect timestep causing jaggy particle movement
  • Fine-tuned particle settings so they flow better
  • Minor polish on menu transitions
  • Optimised island generation to reduce CPU spikes
  • Lot of invisible groundwork for forthcoming features

I'm aware these fixes have been a long time coming and aim to update more frequently going forward.

  • Time trial and challenge calendar
  • Tutorial rewrite
  • Controller support
  • Localisation
  • Known bug: trees floating in air (something to do with tiles the Watcher has interacted with in the past)
  • New gameplay features (save games now store version number so I can maintain backwards compatibility)

At Insomnia I received a lot of great suggestions from players which are significant blocks of work; time trial ghosts, multiplayer race mode, level editor... leave comments if you'd like to see any of those or something else!

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Version 4 Sep 24, 2019

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