Free playable demo of Annwn!

Annwn: The Otherworld is a surreal, nightmarish strategy/stealth/puzzle game played on an infinite series of islands.

We've published our WIP demo to get some feedback. There are still some bugs and - most significantly - no tutorial yet. We'll be updating it regularly over the next few weeks. In lieu of an ingame tutorial, here are basic instructions:

- Mouse to aim, mouse wheel to zoom

- Left mouse button to feed energy, Right mouse button to absorb it

- Create trees/rocks/totems by feeding energy into a square

- Feed your soul into the skull of a totem to move to it's position

- Try to gain height and absorb the Watcher to win

If you remember Geoff Crammond's 1986 classic The Sentinel, you'll be right at home. The final game will feature an infinite number of procedural campaigns, but this demo is locked to one specific island...for now. Enjoy!

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Version 4 Jan 15, 2018

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