Let's Play of Annwn: The Otherworld

Delighted to share this playthrough of our demo, recorded by Cryptic Hybrid in record time. Go give him some likes and subscribes!
The demo is locked to a single island for now, so you can try different strategies, and it's balanced on the easy side for ease of development.

Mr. Hybrid very quickly adopts a smart strategy of building his own cover, and correctly identifies a bug with the Watcher visibility. Just like the player, the Watcher needs to see the square you're standing on in order to drain your energy. Right now if your feet aren't visible, you're safe. This is not a trivial fix - it's really a missing feature. When the Watcher can see you but can't drain your energy, it will have to employ other methods...release the hounds!


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Version 4 Jan 15, 2018

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I dread at what the 'other methods' will be BUT... I'm sure the Watcher can be outmaneuvered then too. :) Thank you so much for sharing! (it means a LOT x2 given YouTube's new monetization policy.)