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Annwn: the Otherworld

A sinister journey into the surreal Otherworld in search of your lost love. · By Quantum Soup Studios


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Final stretch
It's been a hectic year, largely focused on client work, so Annwn has unfortunately taken a back seat. However, I now have external deadlines to motivate the fi...
Two weekends, two shows!
It's been a manic fortnight! Annwn was exhibited in the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed and then at Wales Comic Con one week later. What went wrong ...last m...
Annwn demo updated!
We released a slightly improved demo for The Arcade Vaults' Player Nation event in Cardiff. The latest demo has a few bug fixes, and some tutorial improvements...
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Angry Wookiee plays new Annwn demo
So here's a cool thing. Angry Wookiee has played the demo of Annwn before, but owing to my incompetence it was a REALLY ROUGH old build. So it's great that he t...
Campaign map WIP
Quick post to say hi to all the new visitors finding us through Jupiter's article on AlphaBetaGamer - and to tease the campaign mode which is nearly done. Curre...
Feedback from PC Gamer Weekender
Just about to start day 2 of the PC Gamer Weekender show! Saturday was busy, I had very little downtime and lots of great chats with players. People seem to lik...
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Notes on Procedural Narrative
If you've ever played the key inspiration behind Annwn - Geoff Crammond's The Sentinel - then you'll see a lot of similarities in our game. That game is so simp...
Play ANNWN at the PC Gamer Weekender
We will be showing Annwn at the PC Gamer Weekender show in London Olympia next weekend, as well as in the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed in April. Come and...
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