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Annwn: the Otherworld

A sinister journey into the surreal Otherworld in search of your lost love. · By Quantum Soup Studios


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Annwn V1.2 Released
Annwn is now on to V1.2 - this is a minor version update focused on gameplay/quality of life improvements and bug fixes. This build is significantly more polis...
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Annwn nominated for two TIGA Awards!
We're delighted to hear that Annwn has been shortlisted in two categories of the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2019 - Best Strategy Game and Best Game by a Small S...
Dev Streaming tomorrow at 2pm (GMT+1)
I've cleared my slate of client work and am going to be working on the first major Annwn update live on Twitch tomorrow at 2pm (GMT+1 because British summertime...
Annwn V1.1 - startup hang fix, or Why QA Is Important
Classic game dev horror story. At the eleventh hour I introduced a 100% hang on the title screen...if you DIDN'T have a savegame (which of course I did, but lit...
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Update: Campaign fixes
I've updated the build to fix some nasty issues with the campaign - partly bugs, partly feedback from players. Islands with memory obelisks are now clearly sign...
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Play Annwn at EGX Rezzed
Annwn is back at EGX Rezzed, but this year it's upstairs in the Tentacle Zone! I'll be away from the stand for most of Thursday doing serious bizdev stuff, but...
Enter the Otherworld
Annwn: The Otherworld is now on sale! Hurl your soul from totem to totem across a surreal chess-like archipelago. Find memory fragments, piece together stories...
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Free demo of ANNWN updated!
After many months of squeezing the odd bug-fixing session in between client contracts, I've released the latest demo of Annwn: The Otherworld - a surreal stealt...
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